12 Top Corporate Video Production Companies in Surrey

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Corporate video production is a vital tool for businesses, offering a dynamic way to communicate with their target audiences. Corporate videos blend the power of visual storytelling with strategic messaging, making it highly effective for various purposes, including marketing, training, and corporate communication. In this article, we’re going to look at the Top Corporate Video Production companies in Surrey and what makes each company a great choice for your corporate video production briefs.

For readers short of time the Corporate Video Production Companies in Surrey are:

  1. Holt Digital Marketing
  2. Square Daisy
  3. Liquona
  4. From the Hip Video
  5. 44-16
  6. Shade Luma
  7. Boreham Media
  8. Wild Stag Studio
  9. Pan Vista Productions
  10. Bold Content
  11. Promo Pixa
  12. Devoted Films
  13. 2020 TV

Why is Corporate Video Production important to businesses?

Corporate videos significantly enhance marketing efforts. In an age where digital media consumption is at an all-time high, videos offer a compelling way to capture attention. Surrey businesses can leverage this medium to showcase their products, services, and brand identity in an engaging and memorable format. This can lead to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Training and educational content delivered through video is another key advantage. Videos can simplify complex concepts, making them more digestible for the audience. For businesses with a diverse workforce or those needing to train personnel at multiple locations, video provides a consistent and scalable solution.

Furthermore, corporate videos aid in effective internal communication. They can be used for CEO messages, policy updates, or sharing company news, ensuring that all employees are informed and aligned with the company’s vision and goals.


12 Top Corporate Video Production Companies


1. Holt Digital Marketing

Thumbnail of Holt Digital Corporate Video Production Services


Widely considered as one of the leading Corporate Video Production companies in Surrey, Holt Digital uses video production to help businesses communicate, advertise, and grow on and offline. They’re a small collective of video production, digital marketing and advertising specialists who have worked at big agencies for over fifteen years, on even bigger international brands.

They decided they wanted to help businesses where they could make a real difference. So, they’ve decided to branch out and provide ambitious businesses the skills they’ve learnt along the way, as well as giving businesses access to some of the amazing people, products and intellectual property they have access to. They’re passionate, fair and above all else, they deliver results. Simple.

Brands they’ve worked with

SIMMS International Logo Brooklands Museum Logo Vital Parts Logo

Under Armour Logo Flexifly Logo Gourmaze logo

Examples of their work







Why choose them for your corporate video production project?


Collectively, Holt Digital have 50+ years of experience in Brand Strategy, Advertising and Video Production which means you can be assured they’ll firstly understand the brief, work with your team and make recommendations to make the best possible film and create a corporate video that ultimately improves the perception of your brand.

Quality of Production

Quality of equipment counts and Holt Digital use the very best equipment to ensure that the corporate videos they produce meet the most stringent of criteria. The cameras they use are Netflix-approved so businesses can have peace of mind that the final product will exceed their production expectations.


The team at Holt Digital brings a level of creativity and innovation that can be hard to achieve in-house. They have teams who are up-to-date with the latest trends in video production and can provide creative ideas that will make your content stand out. This includes everything from scriptwriting to post-production effects.


Although the team has spent an eye-watering amount on state-of-the-art equipment which is hard to justify for most businesses, they work within businesses budgets – providing clear guidance on the breakdown of the project. They can scale up or down depending on the complexity of the project, shoot days, post production days, special effects required and more.


How to contact them about your corporate video project?

They offer an option to book a free discovery call, or, you can visit their contact page 

Contact Holt Digital about Corporate Video Production


2. Square Daisy

Square Daisy Corporate Video Production Company in Surrey

Square Daisy is a professional video production company established in 2011, known for its impressive track record and pedigree in the field. The company takes pride in managing all aspects of their services in-house with a dedicated team that is fully employed, without relying on freelancers. Based in Redhill, Surrey, Square Daisy’s primary focus is in London and the South East, but their services extend nationwide to meet the needs of their diverse clientele.

The company has earned the privilege of collaborating with an array of esteemed clients ranging from well-known global brands to small startups, covering a spectrum of industries. Their portfolio boasts projects that include filming high-profile individuals such as presidents and TV stars, world-renowned surgeons, and even creating an animation for NATO’s transformation project.


3. Liquona

Liquona Corporate Video production company thumbnail

Liquona are a full-service video production company located in Surrey, specialising in videos for various purposes, including business promotions, brand storytelling, and charitable fundraising. The company excels in creating videos that not only meet but exceed client expectations, ensuring each video is perfectly tailored to their needs.

As a full-service agency, Liquona takes charge of the entire production process, offering services from conceptualisation to pre-production, as well as filming, animation, and editing, all directed towards enhancing the client’s image.


4. From the Hip Video

FromtheHip Corporate Video Production Thumbnail

From the Hip boasts a diverse array of professionals including scriptwriters, visionary directors, skilled cameramen, creative photographers, imaginative animators, meticulous editors, and strategic project managers. The company ensures that the finest talent is selected for each project, aligning with the client’s budget and specific skill requirements.

At the core of every video produced lies a unique fusion of wit, a relaxed demeanour, technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of visual communication. This distinctive blend is what sets their videos apart.

The company offers support throughout the entire video production process, catering to clients of varying levels of experience with transparency and direct communication.


5. Wild Stag

Wild Stag Corporate Video Production Thumbnail

Wild Stag Studio aren’t based in Surrey, but they do provide their services to Surrey businesses. They’re actually located in Brighton, East Sussex. They have a decade of experience and a portfolio featuring collaborations with hundreds of brands within the UK and abroad. They possess a seasoned understanding of crafting captivating video content that resonates with target audiences and delivers tangible results for their clients.

Clients of Wild Stag Studio gain access to a team brimming with enthusiasm and passion, comprised of creatives and content creators who excel in producing films and videos that achieve significant milestones for brands.


6. Forty Four Sixteen

44-16 Corporate Video Production Thumbnail

Founded in 1999, fortyfoursixteen was built to embrace the emerging world of video marketing. With backgrounds in graphics, communications, and commercial outreach, the team are experts in video production and marketing. They specialise in creating stunning video content that drives engagement, increases brand visibility, and generates demand.

They don’t stop at just video production. Understanding that video works best as part of a targeted video marketing campaign, they use their video marketing experience to assist clients in developing effective video marketing strategies. These strategies provide tangible solutions to business needs and build lasting relationships between clients and their customers.


7. Shade Luma

Shade Luma Corporate Video Production Company Thumbnail

Shade Luma is a full-service Video Production company based in London and operating nationally. Shade Luma assists companies with all of their video content and video marketing needs, from Facebook ads and live event filming to promotional videos – they handle it all. They create affordable, engaging, high-end videos that cut through the noise to target and reach new customers. Whether clients have a specific Video Production in mind or simply need some advice, Shade Luma is always ready to assist.


8. Boreham Media

Boreham Media TV Production Thumbnail

BorehamMedia is a one-stop video and stills agency, based in  Chertsey and London but serving clients globally. Their clientele encompasses start-ups to the world’s largest companies. They are committed to providing an excellent experience for their clients and delivering results that meet their clients’ precise needs.

Managing a creative project in addition to normal responsibilities can be complex. Boreham Media prides itself on addressing pain points and ensuring that the process of achieving a great result is as stress-free as possible for their clients.


9. Panvista Productions

Thumbnail of PanVista Video Production

Since the establishment of Panvista, Ian and his carefully selected team of expert associates have provided services for a wide range of clients including large corporates, small businesses, and the not-for-profit sector, in both the UK and overseas. They have produced a variety of content ranging from concise web promos and event films to expansive documentaries, addressing subjects as varied as poverty in Latin America and Zumba fitness. Every video Panvista produces is underpinned by a fundamental belief that creative decisions should be aligned with the client’s objectives. This philosophy ensures that each Panvista video is crafted to inspire the target audience to think, feel, and act in ways that fulfill the client’s goals.


10. Promopixa

Thumbnail of PromoPixa Video Production

Many people, schools, organisations, businesses, and events venues in the UK use a corporate video production company. Promopixa are based in Guildford and create promotional videos and showreel films to market products and services for businesses. PromoPixa provides a range of videography and corporate photography services throughout the UK that are tailored to meet a company’s specific needs and requirements.

As a leader among specialist video production companies, PromoPixa videography is an exemplary choice. Their team of professional filmmakers and photographers is equipped to design a video, oversee the production process, and deliver a final product that meets high specialist standards, ensuring the target audience is engaged and captivated.


11. Devoted Films

Thumbnail of Devoted Films

As a team of avid videographers, they thrive on creating tailored videos for local businesses across Surrey. Specialising in video production at Devoted Films, they find great satisfaction in crafting high-quality, cinematic videos.

With the assistance of the latest filming and editing equipment, they produce engaging commercial, corporate, event, aerial, and on-the-ground videos. Whether it’s a corporate boardroom, a racing event, or a factory floor, they collaborate closely with clients to produce a video that conveys the intended message.

Not only do they film from the ground, but they also offer aerial filming. Aerial shots have become a sought-after feature in corporate videography, adding a dynamic perspective that enhances the essence of the film or promotion, ensuring an impressive final look.


12. 20 Media

20 Media Video Production Thumbnail

They offer comprehensive corporate video production services, including scripting, storyboarding, strategic planning, filming, editing, uploading, and promoting for various platforms such as social media. Their expertise extends to hosting live streams for events and virtual conferences, providing live wedding streaming services, and creating educational productions. They also specialise in producing corporate promotional films, conducting interviews, and crafting talking head videos.


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