Case Study

Graphic Design and Creative Work for Arla Foods

The Challenge

Arla wanted to increase awareness of their farmer-owned business, and, trial of their range of dairy products. As part of our response we recommended a partnership with Open Farm Sunday – a once-a-year event taking place on farms all across the country. Arla farmers would open their doors to the public (more than 45 of them) to invite thousands of consumers to see the practices and care that goes in to making all the delicious Arla products they can find in their local supermarkets. All we had to do was to create comprehensive ‘toolkits’ that could be sent out to the farmers so they could run the events themselves and tell the Arla story in an engaging way.

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Creative Assets

We came up with everything – from recruitment posters, flyers and videos to recruit people in the local area to visit on the day, to, educational large format banners and branded giveaways to tell the Arla story.

We also project managed the delivery of the products to the farms themselves which was no easy feat – 30 simultaneous cold room storage deliveries full of Arla goodies were sent out to all the farms on the morning of the event so that when the visitors arrived, they could sample the final piece in the Arla story puzzle.

Recruitment Assets

The first creative challenge was to design a number of creative assets that could be sent to each of the host farmers so that they could recruit people themselves in the local area.


The toolkits for both adults and children were created to help drive awareness of the Arla farmer-owned brand story, and, provide giveaways that would last in the minds of consumers long after they had left the farms.

Creative Info Boards

A series of Arla and partner ‘info boards’ were used to engage consumers at key points and stages throughout their farm visits on-site.

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