Corporate Video Production

We provide Corporate Video Production Services to businesses in Surrey, London, Hampshire, Berkshire and more.

Holt Digital Marketing provides corporate video production services for businesses of all sizes. We provide all production equipment including multiple cameras, sound equipment, lighting as well as experienced camera operators.

Our team have experience creating different styles of corporate videos including promotional videos, explainer videos, training and onboarding videos, testimonials and case studies, corporate culture videos, event highlights, product demonstrations, internal communications, CSR and sustainability videos, recruitment videos and more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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30+ years of collective experience
working with brands, both big and small.

We are experts at branded corporate videos and advertising

After working at some of the biggest marketing agencies in the world (both here and abroad), we know a thing or two about Strategy, Creative Communications, Brand Storytelling, Positioning, Copywriting and bringing ideas to life. What started as something we fell into became our biggest passion and every brief that comes through the door, is treated with the same level of respect it deserves. Sleepless nights coming up with ideas that engage your audiences is just something that happens on every project because we love our work. So, if you need support from a team that can talk as confidently about tone-of-voice and brand strategy, as the video production process itself, get in touch or book a free discovery call.

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We can provide Animated Videos and Motion Graphics

We’ve been making videos for over fifteen years and collectively between our team, we have over 30+ years of experience. In that time we’ve understood the importance of animations and motion graphics in Corporate Video Production. Our team consistently use animations as part of our Corporate Video Services, whether that’s as simple as logo animations at the end of a video, or callouts in a promotional product video, or even animations throughout the entirety of the video. Our designers and animators can bring your story to life and help to elevate your brand. Get in touch to find out more, or book a discovery call with us.

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We also produce short-form video content for businesses wanting to improve their performance on social media.

Video helps businesses and brands improve engagement on social media. We shoot lots of video footage over 1 – 2 days and create lots of videos that can be used to engage audiences in the following months. Our team understand the need to shoot videos in both landscape or portrait. If the corporate videos we are creating are primarily needed in 16:9 format, we can also export the videos in square and portrait formats. Alternatively, we can shoot specifically for social media in portrait mode.

Our understanding of social media and video production ensures that we deliver the correct formats to your marketing teams so you can post on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok, Pinterest and more.

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The Impact of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos offer many benefits for businesses – building a strong brand identity, engaging existing and new audiences, demonstrating products and services, aiding training and development for internal employees, boosting conversion rates, enhancing SEO and online awareness, building trust and credibility amongst peers.

Corporate video production is an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to convey messages, engage audiences, and achieve various objectives. Holt Digital Marketing creates award-winning corporate videos by carefully working wih our clients throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production stages.

We help our clients create compelling visual narratives that impact brand identity and audience engagement positively. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the versatility and effectiveness of corporate videos make them a crucial element of modern communication strategies.

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I brought the Holt Digital team onboard to help build out a launch video for my new business. From start to end they were professional, easy to work with and most importantly delivered incredible work. They completely understood how an entrepreneur needs to work and is flexible around this – and they put a lot more effort into learning and testing the product, which I can’t imagine a traditional corporate agency doing. Couldn’t recommend them enough – when I next require a Video Marketing agency they’ll be first on the list.

Richard and his team are a pleasure to work with, they felt like an extension of our own team. They took the time to really understand the business and delivered the creative solutions we were looking for. I would definitely work with them again!

Richard and his team at Holt Digital were a pleasure to work with. They did exactly what they said they were going to do in a highly professional, high quality and responsive way. They helped guide me on the website design and content and produced a high quality site for our business.

Need help with Corporate Video Production?

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1. What types of Corporate Videos can your company produce?

We specialise in a wide range of corporate video productions, including promotional videos, training videos, internal communication videos, and brand storytelling. Our team is adept at creating content that aligns with your company’s message and goals, ensuring that each video is tailored to meet your specific needs and audience.

2. How long does the Video Production process take?

The duration of the production process varies depending on the complexity of the project. Generally, a standard corporate video can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks from concept to completion. This includes pre-production (planning, scriptwriting, casting), production (filming), and post-production (editing, sound design, graphics). We work closely with our clients to set realistic timelines and keep them updated at every stage.

3. What is the cost of producing a Corporate Video?

The cost of producing a corporate video depends on various factors such as the length of the video, the complexity of the script, locations, number of shooting days, special effects, and post-production requirements. We offer customised quotes based on your specific needs and budget, ensuring transparency and no hidden costs.

4. How do you ensure the Video aligns with our brand identity?

Our process involves an initial consultation to understand your brand identity, target audience, and key messages. We then develop a creative concept that reflects your brand’s values and goals. Throughout the production process, we maintain close communication with your team to ensure that the final video is a true representation of your brand. Ultimately, the entire process is collaborative so our team works closely with your team so we meet your objectives.

5. Can you assist with Video distribution and marketing?

Yes, we offer comprehensive services that extend beyond video production. This includes assistance with video distribution and marketing strategies to ensure your video reaches its intended audience effectively. We can advise on the best platforms for distribution, SEO optimisation for online videos, and integration of the video into your broader marketing campaigns.

6. What are the benefits of Corporate Videos?

Corporate video production can leverage various marketing channels to maximise reach and impact. Digital platforms like company websites and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) are primary outlets, offering broad accessibility and engagement opportunities. Email marketing campaigns can include videos to enhance delivery and engagement with existing customers or leads.

For B2B marketing, platforms like LinkedIn are particularly effective for sharing corporate videos to target industry professionals. Additionally, videos can be showcased in webinars, online conferences, or virtual trade shows. Traditional channels like television or in-person events, although more costly, also provide avenues for reaching wider, sometimes more diverse audiences. Each channel offers unique advantages, depending on the target audience and the intended purpose of the video.

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