Graphic Design

Elevate your brand with our Graphic Design Services.

Our talented graphic designers produce stunning photoshop, illustration and 3D visuals for our digital marketing campaigns. Graphic Design is at the heart of all of our content marketing whether that’s visuals for social media content, website assets, email marketing campaigns or paid promotions. We also provide design support for businesses who need printed collateral and assets – whether that’s brochure designs, print/traditional advertising or other offline campaigns.

Our graphic design services help us to engage your audiences and get them to click, read, listen, watch and most importantly, take notice of your products and services. Our job is to elevate your brand so you attract and convert more customers.

Illustration Services

We regularly use illustration for advertising, organic or paid social media content, and custom website designs. Our illustration services help us to bring our strategic digital marketing strategies to life with compelling visuals that engage audiences. Our graphic designers use Adobe Illustrator and free-hand drawings to create the illustrations we use in campaigns. We also create bespoke vector typography for logos so we can create completely unique brand guidelines and templates for the businesses we work with.

Kokoro Food Restaurant Graphic Design Examples

Print Design Services

Most of the work we produce are for digital campaigns and assets however we also have lots of experience producing traditional business collateral including business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, infographics, signage and packaging.

3D Design and Illustration

We provide 3D product design and illustration services for businesses in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent and London. Our 3D illustration services include, concept drawings for experiential and event builds, product rendering services for product launches, websites, print campaigns, social media assets and shopper marketing campaigns and 3D illustration for websites, print and digital campaigns and social media.

Brand Style Guides

We’ve helped many brands develop their look and feel so it’s engaging and appeals to their core audiences. A lot of brand strategy work goes in to developing brand guidelines so everything that is produced, is consistent and ladders back to the overall marketing strategy.

We can either develop your brand guidelines for you all-at-once or over time as we produce more content and creative for your digital marketing channels. The brand guidelines can include examples of everything that the business may need in future communications including presentation designs, web banners, social media cover photos, poster designs, and all of the traditional print design services examples listed above.

Brand Strategy

Graphic Design Services are only as good as the strategy they support. The assets we create ultimately help your business achieve the marketing objectives you’ve identified. Before we design any content, we work closely with you to decide on the key messages and communication that will resonate with your audience. We make sure that our designs stand out in amongst the myriad of other design assets that are trying to grab consumer’s attention.


Website Design

Many agencies claim to be website design experts but you can quickly tell the top agencies apart from the rest. Our team of experienced designers have a deep understanding of website design fundamentals – from User Experience and UI, to design that generates leads and conversions for your business or brand.

At the very basic level, appealing website visuals and branded assets help to engage the website traffic visiting your website, but it’s all of the other factors we take in to consideration which really helps to elevate us above a typical web design agency – On-Page SEO, Strategic User Journeys, Linking UI with Google Tag Manager and Adwords, Website Performance (eg Speed of site, Responsiveness, Optimised for Search Consoles).



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