Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services are what sets us apart from other agencies in Surrey. No other companies have the creative agency experience we do. We combine sophisticated digital storytelling with video production, animation and design services to create compelling content. We drive traffic to your business’ online and social channels, educate customers, increase brand love and ultimately sales.

Flexifly Video Production

Daytona Fast Lap Challenge Case Study

Brooklands Museum Advertising Campaign

Daytona Paid Social Campaign

Content Marketing


Content Strategy

Content Marketing is only worthwhile if it helps the business achieve the marketing objectives. So, before we film any content, we decide on the stories that will resonate with your audience in amongst the myriad of other brand stories being told at the same time. We write and design lots of different scripts and storyboards so we can shoot loads of content in a single day. That way, we are able to capture lots of content on a single shoot and can keep your social and digital media platforms topped up for months.

Video Production Services

We work with a variety of Directors and Directors of Photography in Surrey to bring your brand stories to life. Depending on your budget, we can use very expensive Hollywood-grade equipment (Arri Alexa Minis), or, high performance ‘everyday’ shooting equipment (Sony FS7 or Sony A7S ii). We can also shoot drone footage for aerial footage. We make sure the finished product always looks great, is on-brand, and most importantly engages your audience.

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Editing Services

We provide colour grading services, compositing, rotoscoping and other after effects services as part of the post-production process. Editing the digital content, normally takes a day depending on the complexity of the project. We carefully consider the storyboards, transitions, look and feel of the final cut and the digital media that the videos will be used on. Understanding the formats of the digital and social channels as well as the list of specified requirements helps alleviate any problems when executing the digital marketing campaigns.

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