Case Study

Daytona Motorsport Video Production


Daytona Motorsport needed advertising that would engage parents and inspire them to encourage their children to try their outdoor go-karting products – tuition, practice events, races, championships.

Strategy and Idea

Leveraging the popularity of Formula 1 and shows like Netflix’s Drive to Survive, we wanted to simultaneously show the journey that drivers go on to become champions, and, put Daytona at the heart of the progression.

The Home of Future Champions

We created a fictional character that was nervous to start his journey in go-karting but continued to progress and furthered his career by going up the ranks on Daytona’s circuits (and in their faster and faster go-karts). Eventually leading him to the circuit/position where he aspired to be.


The Results

We ran the advertising campaign on digital platforms to parents with children who lived in proximity of Daytona’s circuits. The results were fantastic and led to a massive uplift in junior bookings across all the different products. We made sure the video was completely tracked so we could attribute the results directly to the campaign.

600,000 impressions

 30,000 website click-throughs to junior go-karting website pages

 Sold out junior Race School events throughout the school holidays

 Major uplift in junior bookings

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