I’ve worked with LOTS of brands to create bespoke sampling campaigns – both here and abroad. Each product has their own set of requirements (operational and marketing) that need to be thought out and considered in order to create a successful campaign.

Sample sizes, refrigeration, legal, logistic, audience, locations and key communications are just the start when creating a campaign. We’ve had experience sampling products from many different FMCG sectors – from roaming alcohol and energy drink campaigns, to chocolate and chewing gum in high footfall fixed locations – we’ve done it all.


The biggest consideration for the Schweppes campaign was how we could serve cocktails to the general public with all the regulations around alcohol. Answer: a ticketed approach where homes became the backdrop for our baristas to serve Schweppes cocktails. After consumers had the Schweppes bike visit their home, they had to nominate friends who they thought would also benefit from receiving the Schweppes experience – creating a ‘chain mail’ or ‘cocktail mail’ effect around the country.

Custom Vehicle Builds

We’ve had lots of experience creating bespoke trailers and vehicles for a variety of brands – from rickshaws to rocket trailers. We have a variety of skilled craftsmen that can bring to life the drawings and ideas we imagine.

Tim Tam

Whilst at a previous agency in Australia, one of our directors had the task of transforming an old coach in to a fully-fledged Tim Tam bus that travelled round the entire country sampling the nation’s favourite chocolate biscuits wherever it went. No mean feat when you consider the heat, refrigeration requirements, staffing and logistics and operations that goes in to pulling something of this scale off!