Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

We specialise in creating advertising and content for online digital platforms. Whether that’s video production for YouTube pre-roll, Paid Social media, digital media partnerships or even influencer marketing. Video helps us generate significant results when it comes to digital campaigns, and the return on investment is significantly higher.

Digital Advertising



We bring your brand to life with creative ideas and compelling digital stories. We create videos that communicate a strategic idea so the final product will resonate with your audience and make you memorable. We take time to write scripts and design storyboards. It’s what sets us apart from an ordinary video production team.


Depending on the budget, we can create ideas and content that requires less time. We use a variety of partnerships, as well as existing experience of locations throughout the UK to be able to get the perfect backdrop for the shoot. We carefully plan the shot list in line with our storyboards in order to take as little time as possible to get the content we need.


Video Production

Lots of different decisions go in to creating the final products we create. Choosing from the wide range of available equipment, getting the right directors and DOP’s for the shoots, choosing the right locations, project managing the shot list, right down to thinking about lighting and audio to make the post-production process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Animated Videos

Animated videos don’t require as much time in pre-production. However, good quality animated videos do require careful consideration of the brand, graphics, music and transitions in order to communicate the story. Engaging one of our animators to animate the storyboards is the final piece in the puzzle. We have 2D animators and 3D animators available.

Digital Media

So much goes in to the creative communications we produce, that it would be a waste to not target the right audiences on the relevant digital media channels when it comes to executing the campaigns. There’s a very good chance that any digital media campaign we execute will include the Google Network (including YouTube) or Facebook’s vast social media network. They collectively own 70%+ of the digital landscape. That being said, social media channels such as Linkedin, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Quora, Pinterest still have their place to play and some digital media channels have to be dealt with directly in order to run creative on their digital platforms. So, we consider the user’s behaviour and create a digital media plan that we know will generate results.