Facebook Ads Management

Video Content and Brand Communications

Our paid social media ad campaigns generate results because of the video content we create and the sophisticated targeting. Both of these elements together allow us to generate significant returns for our clients. Video production is crucial to capture the attention of users who scroll through endless amounts of content every day. The branded content we create is strategic, aligns with your marketing plans and helps sell your business in the most engaging way possible.

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Sophisticated Targeting

We create the content and then we carefully think about the most effective ways to target your audiences. We use Ads Manager to create a combination of core, custom and lookalike audiences and then we carry out A/B split testing with ad groups (and even ads) to ensure we generate the most effective cost per click campaigns.

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Facebook and Instagram Marketing Automation

Automation means operational efficiency – even in social media. We are experts at creating automated social media campaigns. We can create automated campaigns based on a myriad of factors including the weather! We create rules which automatically change bidding strategies, delivery and pause underperforming ads in real-time which means we maximise your budgets and results.

Integrating e-commerce with paid social media

With access to your e-commerce platform and source code, we’re able to create scripts which automatically integrate relevant sales data with Ads Manager. Facebook and Instagram ads can be triggered dynamically in real-time depending on sales activity, weather and other changing factors which gives your business a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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