Case Study

Branding and Graphic Design Project for Brooklands Museum

The Challenge

As part of a larger digital marketing audit, Brooklands Museum wanted ideas on ways they could increase footfall from visitors in the local area and beyond.


We carried out research for the museum which included looking into the analytics on their website and a survey in the local area. The results uncovered a variety of interesting insights and considerations. One of the key insights was from the people our team spoke to who had not lived in the area their whole lives. They had heard of the museum but didn’t know what the collections included. Our own experiences were similar – we had driven past the entrance a hundred times and had never considered visiting… and our team liked motorsport and F1!

When we carried out the keyword research, we also noticed that the museum was listed on lots of relevant directories, but they were getting very little click-through.


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With the increased popularity of F1, our strategy was to provide a suite of secondary logos and branded assets that would help the museum quickly explain their offering. The branded assets could be used on advertising targeted at new audiences that might not know what the museum offered, or on directory sites where the museum is listed.

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