Case Study

Social Media Audit for Brooklands Museum

The Challenge

Brooklands Museum asked us to review their social media and make recommendations on how they could better engage their followers. They also challenged us with refreshing the look and feel of their social media posts to better attract the different audiences they wanted to visit the museum.

The Analysis

We completed a thorough review of Brooklands existing social media channels. The channels we reviewed included Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (at the time, the museum wasn’t using Tik Tok). The analysis included looking into the demographics of their followers (age, gender, location, most active times they’re using social media), how quickly the account grew over the last year, the frequency of their posts, the most popular posts, the least popular posts, average engagement, popularity of video content versus imagery, average number of comments, which followers regularly engaged vs which followers were passive.

We cross-referenced the results of the analysis to the website data and the insights from the brand strategy work. We listed down the existing content themes and then created pages and pages of notes and ideas on how to better attract the demographics they wanted to target but were not currently doing so.

The Results

We presented a complete social media strategy for the museum which included guidance on how to evolve the brand with a more engaging look and feel (on selected posts), new content themes, social media growth strategies, and recommendations on what existing content themes to keep (which appealed to their core enthusiast audiences).

The marketing director was delighted with the results which was presented alongside a wider digital marketing and content marketing audit we produced for the museum.

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