Video Production and Content Marketing for Daytona Motorsport

We’ve worked hard with Daytona to improve their creative and digital marketing. This video is one example of advertising we produced to help reinforce the brand positioning we created.

The ‘Don’t Settle for Second Best’ video was filmed and edited by Holt Digital Marketing and used on YouTube pre-roll as part of a wider remarketing campaign. Display advertising and paid social media were also used as part of the campaign.

The objective of the video was to increase conversions on the website – specifically with audiences who had been introduced to the brand for the first time.

There are other less expensive go-kart facilities in Surrey but Daytona provides the highest performance go-karts available to the general public, so the additional price of their experiences is justifiable for customers who want to experience the ultimate thrill of an ‘Arrive & Drive’ event or ‘Open Race’.

To achieve our objectives, the video showcased the incredible circuits that Daytona operates, the choice of performance go-karts available to adult drivers, as well as the thrill of competition – something that their competitors aren’t able to offer to the same standard.

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Content Marketing Strategy

When building the content marketing strategy for Daytona, all of our videos, graphics and content we produced laddered up to our overarching Brand Strategy tagline, “The Difference is Distinct”, which was created to reinforce their position at the very top of the leisure go-karting industry.

We worked closely with the inbound sales team to explain the confidence they should have when quoting a higher price, compared to the cheaper, less quality competition.

Content Marketing Calendar

We produced regular event-specific content throughout the year to support the sales department as well as more generic advertising to help keep the Daytona brand top-of-mind. The content we produced included the Daytona Fast Lap Challenge which was all about showcasing their exclusive high performance go-kart – the DMAX. You can’t drive a DMAX anywhere else in the world. We knew that we could harness the power of social media by inviting celebrities to take part in an ongoing competition where they had the opportunity of challenging other high profile sportsmen, actors and celebrities at this Top-Gear style challenge.

Harnessing the power of celebrity on social media

By offering celebrities the chance to take part in this competition, we could use the massive reach of their social media channels to advertise Daytona and create loads of content that we could use on Daytona’s channels as well. This formula proved to have massive success including the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Anthony Joshua, going live for over five minutes to his 11.1 million followers. Not bad for a campaign that didn’t pay a single fee for participation!!

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