Case Study

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Campaign for Flexifly

The Challenge

We were asked by Flexifly, a private aircraft hire company who are based in Surrey, to improve their content and digital marketing. Although they had been operating with some success over the past three years, generating bookings predominantly through word-of-mouth, they needed a digital partner who could not only provide support creating advertising and content but also strategic guidance on how to increase sales.

We identified key areas which needed improvement after looking closely at their analytics and running a small paid search campaign to better understand consumer behaviour on their website.

We increased leads for Flexifly by 300%

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We improved local awareness

Considerable work needed to be done to improve local search traffic – especially in Surrey where there are fewer private aircraft hire providers to compete with (compared to companies with headquarters in London). We setup and managed their Google My Business page and considerably increased NAP citations and backlinks from relevant websites to increase their Domain Authority. We also put necessary processes in place to increase the frequency of reviews from customers.

We developed brand guidelines

Early on after seeing the lack of content being posted on their social media channels and the website, we quickly realised that there were no clear brand strategy or guidelines. To be able to quickly post regular updates on social media, reach out to relevant brand partnership targets, and create advertising on paid digital media, we spent several weeks developing visual guidelines which we could use on an ongoing basis.

We created Social Media templates

We designed social media templates that allowed us to post content on all relevant channels quickly. We reached out to several local plane photographers to send us any photos they had taken of the Flexifly planes at airports and encouraged them to send us new photos in exchange for mentions on our timeline.
The content strategy we implemented was devised around communicating core benefits of flying with Flexifly, and hero-ing the destinations that potential customers could be flying to.

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Video Production

We created an advertising campaign that’s objective was to a) drive awareness of the brand in Surrey and surrounding counties, and b) encourage potential customers to use their online price calculator.

‘It’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than you think’

On a very limited budget we created three videos that started to communicate the Flexifly story and presented the benefits of choosing their flexible private aircraft hire offering.

Digital Partnerships

To generate effective short-term awareness we wanted to leverage businesses existing email databases. We created an outreach programme which included research (and data scraping), and then the outreach itself to present Flexifly as a viable partner who can offer equal value in return for awareness of their brand – discounted private aircraft hire for their best customers, exclusive flights for CEO’s and incentives for employees as part of staff reward programmes, to name a few.

Website Improvements

The website was not converting the traffic that was being generated from the existing AdWords campaigns. There were no conversion tags built into the site and they even had a mobile phone number listed on the contact page – giving off the wrong impression for a premium (but accessible) brand.

We redesigned the website and used stronger photography throughout to improve the user journey, increase conversions, and make the everything feel more premium.

We made sure the key benefits of using Flexifly were communicated throughout the user journey and that users would be directed to the pricing portal to understand the cost of a potential flight.



After the significant improvements had been made, we ran an advertising campaign that included pay-per-click, paid social media, and YouTube pre-roll. The results were outstanding, and the business saw an 300% uplift in leads from customers enquiring about potential hire.

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