Case Study

Daytona Motorsport Advertising Campaign


Alongside the content marketing we were rolling out to increase organic impressions and engagement on social media, Daytona Motorsport also needed to advertise the business (outdoor go-karting venues) using paid social media, YouTube pre-roll and in-venue at their three locations. They tasked Holt Digital Marketing to come up with advertising that would showcase their DMAX go-kart which is the fastest Arrive and Drive go-kart available in the UK.


Strategy and Idea

Our idea was to not only showcase the speed of the go-karts but to give people an idea (in a light-hearted way) of what it feels like to drive a 70mph go-kart.

The feeling of experiencing “D-Force” (like G-Force but the DMAX equivalent)


The Results

We ran the digital-only campaign in key towns and cities to key adult audiences within proximity of their 3 circuits and the results exceeded expectations.

 1+ million impressions

 50,000 website click-throughs to key booking page

 Helped to reinforce our brand positioning work (The Daytona Difference)

 Highlighted key point of difference for spending more money on Daytona experiences compared to their competitors

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