Case Study

Graphic Design Project for Daytona Motorsport (Go-Kart Livery Designs)


Daytona Motorsport needed updated designs for their fleets of go-karts. They wanted modern designs that would excite their customers when they arrived. The designs had to be on-brand and help reinforce the brand positioning we had come up with – The Daytona difference is distinct.

The Idea

The strategy was to improve the user experience by having different coloured go-karts on the grid – so when there were team competitions or races at Daytona, it simulated F1.

We came up with one modern design that could be changed in to 7 different colour combinations. The colours we chose were inspired by famous Formula 1 teams and racing heritage.

The Results

The designs are just another element in a long list of improvements that we implemented to elevate the reputation of Daytona above their competition. The little touches that bring to life performance and make the user experience as authentic and premium as possible.


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