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Graphic Design Projects for Daytona Motorsport


Daytona Motorsport provides outdoor go-karting to a variety of demographics ranging from juniors (6+ years old) to adults. After 25 years in the business, Daytona Motorsport’s marketing was looking tired. The business had suffered several tough years and it was time for a refresh. They tasked Holt Digital Marketing to re-imagine their brand look and feel and improve their digital marketing performance.

It was important we still engaged their loyal enthusiast audiences whilst also attracting the ‘once-in-a-while’ audiences, junior demographics (6+ years old) and corporate businesses.

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Existing Brand Look and Feel

Everything Daytona were putting out from a marketing perspective looked dark, serious and uninviting – especially throughout their website which was still attracting great numbers in terms of visitors. They were using language throughout their booking system that was difficult to understand for social visitors who only visited their tracks ‘once in a while’ for social events. The marketing was giving off the impression of a members-only club and the data was backing up the concerns – with the business heavily reliant on existing customers compared to new drivers.


Our core design strategy was to inject life (and colour) back into the brand. We improved the photography significantly and created presets so there was consistency with the photos that we put out. Every photo we used throughout the website and on marketing comms felt colourful, warm… and fast.

We elevated the brand by showcasing their biggest assets… their go-karts, but we made sure there was more explanation around them for first timers and corporate customers. That way we could push their biggest point of difference without alienating customers.

Brand Positioning

We created a tagline that we used internally to remind employees that the brand was the market leader (so sales and other customer-facing departments reminded potential customers of all the differences) and externally on all marketing communications inside and outside the venues.

Branded Assets and Templates

We created branded assets and templates ranging from email marketing templates, social media posts, brochures inside venues, sales presentations, sponsorship presentations alongside the advertising videos and paid social media we created. Find out more about the video production and advertising work we did for Daytona here, or, the social content we created for Daytona here.

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