Case Study

Website Design and Development for Reef

We designed and built a brochure website to showcase Reef, and then helped drive awareness by creating lots of online content.

We created a relevant social strategy and made sure all posts would reach their target audience regularly. We also engaged micro-influencers and relevant publications to help push the content out further.

We increased their Facebook followers to over 17,000 – all organically.

Modern Website

We managed to keep the costs low and turn everything around quickly so Simpla could get out to market fast.

The modern look and feel has helped distinguish the product from other competitors and the user journey was made simple so prospective clients could easily identify a) the ease in which the product is installed in to existing operating systems b) how the product works and c) the cost, which is a key benefit compared to the alternative options.

UX Design

We carefully created the wireframes for the Reef website after researching the devices that the audience would most likely view the content on. All wireframes were sketched out before going in to design.


We came up with the concept ‘Rock a Summer Glow’ to appeal to a youthful audience who would be using the self-tanning product throughout summer.

Display Banners

The display banners we created were triggered via keywords, relevant online sites and after consumers had visited the Reef Sun website. All driving participation for our facebook promotion.

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