Case Study

Website Design and Development for Secret Camping Weekend

We helped Secret Camping Weekend become a lot less secret when they started off on their amazing journey.

Logo design, website design and development, brand positioning, social strategy (paid and organic) and even helping them to shape their offering.

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Look and Feel

For the look and feel, we spent a long time making sure the website and marketing assets brought to life the friendly ‘all inclusive’ atmosphere the event wanted to showcase. A combination of illustrative colourful artwork and photography helped showcase what the event is all about… good old fashioned fun!

Digital Marketing

To sell tickets, we needed to drive awareness. In an extremely competitive market we needed to be extremely targeted and get the best possible return for our investment. With a limited budget we used a combination of paid and organic social media as well as Google AdWords to achieve the results. Our strategy was to not only target people based on their interests but also their spending behaviour – going after the social influencers first and foremost.

Camping Survival Kits

We identified and engaged local influencers in our ‘key buying locations’ by sending them our ‘camping survival kits’. The results helped to contribute to the sold out event.

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