Vital Parts Video Production and Motion Graphics

Case Study

The Challenge

Vital Parts needed a video to launch their new website (which Holt Digital also designed). The video needed to tell the Vital Parts story and showcase the growth of the company over the past 10 years as well as showcasing the improvements the company has made to their product ranges and the user experience on the new site.


There was a lot to communicate so we used a combination of motion graphics and footage from two of their three offices, to tell the Vital Parts story. We wanted to excite the audience about the next phase of the company’s growth and create a video that was befitting of the size of the company.

We helped Vital Parts with video production.
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Visuals / Storyboard / Sound Effects / Music

Before we started to animate the project, we spent time on the graphics and storyboard to create the structure of the video. We also spent time researching the sound effects and music that would compliment the graphics and story.

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