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7 Brilliant Examples of Production Videos

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In the world of corporate video production, production videos are a powerful way of showcasing quality control. These videos are specifically tailored to highlight the manufacturing production line, providing an in-depth look into the process behind creating products. Production videos not only showcase a company’s expertise but also engage audiences by revealing the intricate details of how things are made. In this article we’re going to look at 7 brilliant examples of production videos and what videographers can learn from each case study.

For readers short of time, the 7 examples we’ve chosen to showcase are:

1)            BOBST Corporate Video – Shaping the future of the packaging world

2)           HMM – Corporate Film 2023 (ENG)

3)           BRUNS Corporate film HR

4)           We are Bolt, the Fastest-Growing Tech Company in Europe

5)           Ruiten Foodpack – Corporate video

6)           Official Company Video Aermec SpA – English

7)           BRINOX Corporate Video


The Power of Production Videos

These seven production video examples demonstrate the possibilities and impact of this medium – from superb transitions, intricate sound effects, captivating animations and graphics, to modern edits and stunning visuals, these 7 production videos showcase the very best qualities of premium corporate video production.

BOBST Corporate Video – Shaping the future of the packaging world

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What we love about this Production Video

This video is a fantastic demonstration of how seamless transitions can masterfully navigate the viewer through the video without any abrupt changes between scenes. Transitions in corporate video production are essential for maintaining a seamless and engaging narrative flow.

They act as visual bridges, linking different scenes or topics smoothly, thus avoiding abrupt changes that can disrupt the viewer’s attention and comprehension. Skillfully used transitions contribute to a polished, professional look, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the video. They guide the audience through the content, subtly emphasising key points or shifts in topic. Moreover, transitions reflect the company’s brand and style, reinforcing the corporate identity. Effective transitions can elevate the overall impact and memorability of the video, making it a more effective communication tool.


HMM – Corporate Film 2023 (ENG)

HMM Production Video


What we love about this Production Video

This video is a demonstration of how sound effects play a pivotal part in overall quality of corporate video production. From ambient and background sound effects, to added foley, music and dialogue. Sound effects impact on the overall professionalism of the finished product. When strategically used, they can enhance storytelling, adding layers of depth and emotion that visuals alone may not convey. Sound effects can underscore key points, drawing attention to specific elements, or subtly influencing the viewer’s mood, from upbeat and energetic to solemn and reflective. This auditory stimulation helps in creating a more immersive and engaging experience, making the content more memorable.


BRUNS Corporate film HR

Thumbnail of Bruns Production Video


What we love about this Production Video

Being unique is a potent tool for creating memorable content. A distinctive style sets a brand apart, offering a fresh perspective in a crowded marketplace. This video is a brilliant example how innovative storytelling, creative visual techniques, or unconventional corporate styles can captivate audiences leave a lasting impression.

Modern styles in corporate video production are rare, but this video which is characterised by dynamic editing, contemporary graphics, and engaging animations, resonates. The outcome is an instant perception of a forward-thinking brand which instantly fosters a connection with younger demographics who value innovation and creativity.


We are Bolt, the Fastest-Growing Tech Company in Europe

We Are Bolt Production Video Thumbnail


What we love about this Production Video

This video is a brilliant showcase of animations and graphics which complement each scene and play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the video. They create a visually engaging way of conveying ‘speed’ in an interesting manner.

The use of high-quality graphics and animations also adds a layer of creativity to the video, reflecting the company’s stature as a modern industry leader.

Videographers should appreciate how animations and graphics help to extend the scope of creativity that live-action may not be able to achieve by itself. Animations can be tailored to perfectly align with the brand’s identity and message, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.


Ruiten Foodpack – Corporate video

Ruiten Foodpack Production Video Thumbnail


What we love about this Production Video

This video is an excellent example of lighting in a very difficult environment. Lighting manufacturing facilities for corporate video production presents unique challenges, primarily due to their vast size, high ceilings, and complex machinery. These environments often have uneven or insufficient natural lighting, making it difficult to capture clear, visually appealing footage. Proper lighting is crucial to avoid shadows and glares that can obscure important details or create safety concerns. This video does an incredible job of lighting the scene to accentuate the shots, highlighting the facility’s features and operations. Good lighting not only enhances the visual appeal but also conveys an attention to detail, crucial for creating a positive impression of the company.


Official Company Video Aermec SpA – English

Aermec SpA Production Video Thumbnail


What we love about this Production Video

The colour grading of this video evokes trust, warmth, and a perception that the company is friendly, approachable, and professional. The meticulous shots and immaculate workplace evokes the perception of size and innovation. The combination of meticulous colour grading and stunning visuals reinforces the size of the brand. By carefully selecting colours that align with emotional cues, companies can subtly influence how they are perceived, enhancing their appeal and fostering a friendly, relatable brand image.

Colour grading is a pivotal element in corporate video production, profoundly influencing the video’s mood, tone, and overall aesthetic. This process involves adjusting the colours and contrast to ensure visual consistency and enhancing the storytelling impact.


BRINOX Corporate Video

Brinox Production Video Thumbnail


What we love about this Production Video

Strong narration combined with stunning visuals both on the production line and outdoors whilst a mountain climber makes his way to the summit, are the defining elements of this video. Narration and visuals are both crucial in corporate video production for creating a compelling and impactful message. This video does both of those elements exceedingly well. The narration guides the viewer through the film, providing context and clarity, while the visuals engage and captivate the audience’s attention. This synergy enhances the storytelling, making the message more memorable and persuasive. Quality narration adds a human touch, building a personal connection with the audience. Simultaneously, striking visuals illustrate and reinforce the spoken words, making complex ideas more accessible. Together, they ensure the video is not only informative but also emotionally resonant, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the corporate communication strategy.



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