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The Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Surrey (2024)

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Why Work with Corporate Video Production Companies in Surrey?

Corporate video production is a vital tool for businesses, offering a dynamic way to communicate with their target audiences. Corporate videos blend the power of visual storytelling with strategic messaging, making it highly effective for various purposes, including marketing, training, and corporate communication. In this article, we’re going to look at the Top Corporate Video Production companies in Surrey and what makes each company a great choice for your corporate video production briefs.

For readers short of time, the Top Corporate Video Production Companies in Surrey are:

  1. Holt Digital Marketing
  2. Square Daisy
  3. Liquona
  4. From the Hip Video
  5. 44-16
  6. Shade Luma
  7. Boreham Media
  8. Wild Stag Studio
  9. Pan Vista Productions
  10. Bold Content
  11. Promo Pixa
  12. Devoted Films
  13. 2020 TV

Why is Corporate Video Production important to businesses?

Corporate videos significantly enhance marketing efforts. In an age where digital media consumption is at an all-time high, videos offer a compelling way to capture attention. Surrey businesses can leverage this medium to showcase their products, services, and brand identity in an engaging and memorable format. This can lead to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Training and educational content delivered through video is another key advantage. Videos can simplify complex concepts, making them more digestible for the audience. For businesses with a diverse workforce or those needing to train personnel at multiple locations, video provides a consistent and scalable solution.

Furthermore, corporate videos aid in effective internal communication. They can be used for CEO messages, policy updates, or sharing company news, ensuring that all employees are informed and aligned with the company’s vision and goals. Video is also 1200% more likely to be shared than plain text and links combined.


12 Top Corporate Video Production Companies


1. Holt Digital Marketing

Holt Digital Marketing Banner

Widely considered as one of the leading Corporate Video Production companies in Surrey, Holt Digital uses video production to help businesses communicate, advertise, and grow on and offline. They’re a small collective of video production, digital marketing and advertising specialists who have worked at big agencies for over fifteen years, on even bigger international brands.

They decided they wanted to help businesses where they could make a real difference. So, they’ve decided to branch out and provide ambitious businesses the skills they’ve learnt along the way, as well as giving businesses access to some of the amazing people, products and intellectual property they have access to. They’re passionate, fair and above all else, they deliver results. Simple.

Brands they’ve worked with

SIMMS International Logo Brooklands Museum Logo Vital Parts Logo

Under Armour Logo Flexifly Logo Gourmaze logo

Examples of their work







Why choose them for your corporate video production project?


Collectively, Holt Digital have 50+ years of experience in Brand Strategy, Advertising and Video Production which means you can be assured they’ll firstly understand the brief, work with your team and make recommendations to make the best possible film and create a corporate video that ultimately improves the perception of your brand.

Quality of Production

Quality of equipment counts and Holt Digital use the very best equipment to ensure that the corporate videos they produce meet the most stringent of criteria. The cameras they use are Netflix-approved so businesses can have peace of mind that the final product will exceed their production expectations.


The team at Holt Digital brings a level of creativity and innovation that can be hard to achieve in-house. They have teams who are up-to-date with the latest trends in video production and can provide creative ideas that will make your content stand out. This includes everything from scriptwriting to post-production effects.


Although the team has spent an eye-watering amount on state-of-the-art equipment which is hard to justify for most businesses, they work within businesses budgets – providing clear guidance on the breakdown of the project. They can scale up or down depending on the complexity of the project, shoot days, post production days, special effects required and more.


How to contact them about your corporate video?

They offer an option to book a free discovery call, or, you can visit their contact page 

Contact Holt Digital about Corporate Video Production


2. Square Daisy

Square Daisy Corporate Video Production Company in Surrey

Square Daisy is a respected professional video production company that started delivering high-quality projects in 2011.

The firm manages all aspects of its services in-house with a dedicated team of full-time employees—guaranteeing passion and commitment. Based in Redhill, Surrey, Square Daisy’s primary area of focus is in London and the South East, but they also provide video production services for firms across the UK.

Square Daisy has had the privilege of collaborating with an array of esteemed clients — ranging from well-known global brands to small startups, across a multitude of industries. Their portfolio boasts projects that feature everyone from presidents and TV stars to world-renowned surgeons and NATO personnel.

Case Study

Give the Gift of Guildford Thumbnail

Experience Guildford Video

Square Daisy collaborated with GeeYou to develop the creative concept for this video, striking a balance between high production value, a cinematic vision and the available budget. The project had a tight turnaround, with less than a month to plan, shoot, and edit the video, which meant planning every detail was paramount.

The narration of the video features the voice of a seven-year-old child composing a heartfelt letter to Santa Claus. This narrative takes the viewer on a journey through Guildford’s town centre, culminating in a magical, heartfelt message for the viewer.

The video was shot in a single day, after waiting until dusk to capture exterior shots to enhance the ambience with Christmas lights. Employing advanced post-production techniques, Square Daisy successfully added an enchanting tone, helped along with an emotive soundtrack. The editing quality here was off the scale! The result was a successful video that attracted a huge number of views on Facebook.

Why work with them?

Square Daisy has a long history of creating brilliant videos. And because they don’t outsource key skills, they’re able to deliver projects according to the exact specifications of their clients — on time and within budget. This video production company is known for its approach, as it always adopts clear pre-production and post-production processes.


3. Liquona

Liquona Corporate Video production company thumbnail

Liquona is a full-service video production firm located in Surrey. This respected, highly-rated firm focuses on producing videos for a diverse range of marketing and business projects, including business promotion, brand narratives, fundraising and company profiles. Liquona sets itself apart from other video production companies in Surrey by crafting videos that consistently surpass client anticipations. Impressively, they meticulously customise each video to meet the client’s unique requirements.

Liquona assumes responsibility for the entire production pipeline, as it’s a full-service operation that takes care of every aspect of production. Their process includes developing concepts, pre-production, filming, animation and editing. While Liquona has a broad range of clients and projects under its belt, it places a heavy emphasis on branding and achieving clearly defined objectives. The company also offers interactive video productions, live filming and 3D animation.

Case Study

Legal and General Life Insurance Thumbnail

Legal & General

This commercial was the result of a series of Lifetime Mortgage case studies produced by Liquono in early 2016. These case studies featured real customers sharing their experiences with Lifetime Mortgages — which made for a captivating video.

Liquono extracted the key content from the customer case study films and restructured it into an informative TV format. The firm also filmed supplementary footage that showcased the iconic Legal & General umbrella — serving as both the opening and closing visual elements of the commercial.

The Liquono team collaborated closely with the Home Finance team to ensure the content and messaging adhered to the client’s brief. Throughout the entire project, the video production company managed the entire production process, including the development of the concept, scripting, filming, and managing the Clearcast approval process. The quality the company produced ensured the successful delivery of the TV ad to ITV and Channel 4.

As part of the process, the commercial underwent a review by a target audience focus group — receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. The advert was successfully broadcast in March 2017.

Why Work with Them?

Liquono is one of the most capable video production companies in Surrey. As well as a portfolio that includes TV ads and promotional videos for some of the largest brands in the UK, they also offer 3D presentations and video coverage of live events. Their impressive client list includes the likes of Pepsico, LinkedIn and the NHS — so they’ve proved they can be trusted with high-profile video production projects.

4. From the Hip Video

FromtheHip Corporate Video Production Thumbnail

From the Hip is a highly capable video production company that’s home to a diverse team of professionals, including scriptwriters, directors, camerapersons, photographers, animators, editors, and project managers.

The From the Hip team meticulously matches the best talent to each project, ensuring alignment with the client’s budget and specific skill prerequisites.

At the heart From the Hip video lies a unique fusion of creativity, technical expertise and a profound comprehension of visual storytelling. Make no mistake, From the Hip is one of the most creative firms in its industry.

This flair-filled company takes charge of the entire video production journey, ensuring clients with little to no knowledge of video production never have to go anywhere else. The company prides itself on a transparent and straightforward approach to communicating with both clients and production partners.

Case Study

Delonghi Thumbnail


For several years, From the Hip’s partnership with De’Longhi and its affiliated brands, Kenwood and Braun, has delivered exceptional results. Through the cultivation of strong connections with their product management teams, From the Hip has played an integral role in the product launch journey — actively contributing to the development of video productions that drive De’longhi’s external marketing and sales strategies forward.

From the Hip has worked closely with several members of the De’Longhi team over the years to deliver high-quality, engaging video content that has delivered both sales and increased brand awareness.

Why Work with Them?

From the Hip has a strong, multidisciplinary in-house team of video production professionals offering a full service for its clients. With a strong portfolio behind it, this successful company has proved its credentials multiple times.

The team at From the Hip takes the time to get the brief right and to plan shooting and post-production to ensure premium results. The firm has a reputation for bringing videos in on time and within budget, and they know how important that is when clients are making substantial investments.

The team uses clear storyboards that help them make sure they’re shooting the right things at the right time — capturing fantastic footage that takes videos to the next level.


5. Wild Stag

Wild Stag Corporate Video Production Thumbnail

Although not based in Surrey Wild Stag does provide corporate video production services to businesses across the county. Based in Brighton, they offer more than a decade of experience and a rich portfolio that includes some of the most recognisable brands in the UK and around the world. The Wild Stag team certainly understand the craft of video production. They know exactly how to create engaging content that speaks to target audiences. And the firm has a proven track record of delivering impressive numbers for its clients.

Wild Stag Studio’s clients keep going back to the Brighton-based corporate video specialist because the team is known for its infectious enthusiasm and passion for the craft. There’s a unique blend of technicians and creatives at Wild Stag, which means they’re able to take on just about any type of project — for clients in every imaginable industry.

Case Study

Bok the Shop Thumbnail

Bok the Shop

It’s difficult to choose one case study from Wild Stag’s impressive portfolio, as there are so many of them. Having delivered exceptional promotional videos for the likes of universities and stage shows, they certainly know how to captivate a target audience — particularly on social media. The company’s Bok the Shop video gave viewers a unique look at the making of a delicious burger. Packed with high-quality production techniques, it proved a huge success among its target demographic.

Why Work with Them?

If you’re looking to create excellent social media videos, Wild Stag is a great option. They take a step-by-step approach to video production that starts with a discovery call. They then help clients ascertain the objectives of the video content. The company utilises a Video Strategy Workshop to create a custom video marketing strategy that covers all the bases. And from that stage, their videos emerge from a truly collaborative, multidisciplinary process.


6. Forty Four Sixteen

44-16 Corporate Video Production Thumbnail

FortyFour Sixteen is a prominent video marketing company based in Surrey that specialises in producing high-quality video content for businesses and organisations across London, Surrey, and South East England. With a proven track record of excellence, the company offers a range of video production services, including animated explainer videos and live-action video marketing for brands.

What sets FortyFour Sixteen apart is its commitment to understanding clients’ needs and delivering exceptional results. They prioritise getting the client’s brief right and meticulously plan every aspect of video production — from concept to shooting and post-production. This attention to detail ensures that their video productions consistently exceed expectations.

Clients who work with FortyFour Sixteen not only benefit from their technical expertise but also appreciate their natural, go-with-the-flow way of working. This approach makes clients feel fully supported and included throughout the entire process.

Case Study

Krispy Kreme Thumbnail

Krispy Kreme

FortyFour Sixteen keeps details of its large and diverse portfolio of clients and projects well-guarded. That said, they have produced video marketing campaigns for the likes of Universal, ITV2, Nationwide and Krispy Kreme over the years. An impressive showreel features ads and promo videos for BT, local authorities, and celebrity fitness productions.

Why Work with Them?

This isn’t your average video production company in Surrey. It’s a full-service video marketing firm that takes care of everything from market research to production. They’ve won the AV Technology Video Production of the Year, so their credentials are excellent. And they have a stellar reputation for both engaging social media videos and animated explainer video productions.


7. Shade Luma

Shade Luma Corporate Video Production Company Thumbnail

Shade Luma is a respected video production company based in London, although they operate throughout Surrey and the South East. They specialise in providing comprehensive video production solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering, which is just one of the reasons for the company’s large and diverse portfolio.

Shade Luma offers full-service expertise, covering every aspect of video production. They assist companies in creating a wide array of videos, ranging from corporate and promotional content to music videos and training materials.

One of their main qualities is their ability to deliver high-quality videos at competitive prices. This affordability factor makes professional video production accessible to businesses of various sizes — ensuring that their clients receive engaging and visually impressive content.

This firm has a huge catalogue of TV ads and promo videos under its belt — making it a major player in the industry.

Case Study

Shade Luma Case Study Thumbnail

Cinderella Panto Trailer for the Theatre Royal Windsor

Using the famous castle and streets of Windsor as a backdrop, Shade Luma placed the star of the show centre stage for this exciting trailer. Basil Brush is the host, but the real star here is the editing and production quality. The trailer features excerpts from the show, as well as a few special guests.

Why Work with Them?

The company claims to ‘do it all’ for their clients, and there’s evidence that’s the case throughout the firm’s impressive client list. They specialise in video marketing, social media videos, Facebook ads, live event filming, TV-style ads and video promotions. They take a collaborative approach that leaves nothing to chance, so clients know exactly what to expect before filming starts.


8. Boreham Media

Boreham Media TV Production Thumbnail

Boreham Media is an acclaimed video production company based in London and Chertsey, Surrey. With a wealth of experience in scriptwriting, storyboarding and brand messaging, they are dedicated to guiding clients through every aspect of their projects, from initial meetings to the managed delivery of the final product.

Stuart Boreham is the Managing Director of Boreham Media, and he leads a team that is committed to creating content that not only captivates audiences but also drives sales and enhances brand recognition. The company’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that clients receive the highest quality content without the hassle of managing every aspect themselves.

Boreham Media’s core expertise lies in video production and still photography. They excel in crafting engaging and impactful visuals that cater to corporate and educational clients in Surrey, London and throughout the UK. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of projects that reflects their versatility and ability to deliver a broad range of projects.

Case Study

Essilor Case Study Thumbnail

Live Event Highlights for Essilor

Boreham Media provided live recording services for a product launch event for Essilor UK. The company wanted to livestream the launch to ensure opticians all over the country were able to enjoy the launch of an exciting new product within their industry. Boreham Media worked with their partners to deliver high-definition feeds and broadcast them on the Essilor UK YouTube channel.

Why Work With Them?

Boreham Media consistently delivers high-quality visual media, including videos and photography. Their work has the potential to greatly enhance both brands and individual marketing campaigns. They’re particularly adept at delivering high-quality live feeds for corporate event coverage. Their track record in portrait photography and videography is a testament to their dedication to delivering premium results designed to engage in real-time and attract the interest of target audiences.

9. Panvista Productions

Thumbnail of PanVista Video Production

Panvista Productions is a video production company based in Surrey. It specialises in creating promotional videos for a range of clients, including corporates, small businesses and charities. Founded with a strong commitment to visual storytelling, Panvista Productions has become known for its expertise in producing high-quality promotional videos. They have a proven track record of working with various types of clients, as they have an in-house multidisciplinary team that offers a full-service solution.

One of Panvista Productions’ strengths is its tailored approach to video production. They take the time to understand their client’s specific needs and objectives. This company has already shot and edited more than 500 professional videos for corporate clients — so they must be doing something right!

Case Study

Charity Appeal Case Study Thumbnail

Charity Appeal Video

Panvista created a remarkable video to help a charity raise money for Brazil’s poorest communities. Shot in the style of a documentary, the production succeeded in informing general audiences while pulling at the heartstrings. Cinematic and infused with a powerful soundtrack, this video features personal stories, sweeping shots of Brazil and a compelling narrative based on the backstory of the charity’s founder.

Why Work With Them?

Panvista Productions has done some stellar with with charities over the years. They specialise in promotional videos, however. They like to tell personal stories by interviewing key people they know will resonate with target audiences. They’ve already conducted more than 1,000 interviews. So if you’re looking for a documentary-style promo video, Panvista is an excellent choice.


10. Promopixa

Thumbnail of PromoPixa Video Production

PromoPixa is a highly regarded video production and photography company based in Surrey. They offer a wide range of corporate video production and photography services, catering to a wide variety of needs and industries. PromoPixa is known for its expertise in producing high-quality videos and images for corporate clients, including events promotional videos and social media content

This full-service company has a wealth of marketing video creation experience, and it’s capable of executing even the most complex projects to a high standard. PromoPixa excels in creating photo-real visual effects, enhancing the quality and impact of their projects.

PromoPixa’s presence on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn showcases its portfolio and capabilities. With their creative approach and commitment to delivering top-notch corporate promotions videos, the company delivers exceptional and varied results because of its huge inventory of state-of-the-art equipment.

Case Study

Promo Pixa Case Study Thumbnail

Luxury Hotel Video Production

Promopixa doesn’t really boast about its body of work. However, take a look at the company’s LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, and you’ll see evidence of their credentials. The company’s video on luxury hotel video production showcases its ability to entice target audiences through the use of aerial footage, expert interviews, inspiring soundtracks and expert videography skills.

Why Work with Them?

Promopixa specialises in online advertising and corporate videos. They’re particularly adept at timelapse videography, which is why their services are in high demand among hotel and golf course operators. If you need a cinematic promotion video, these guys won’t let you down.

11. Devoted Films

Thumbnail of Devoted Films

Devoted Films is a Hampshire-based video production company that specialises in creating high-quality cinematic videos. Founded in 2012, they have established themselves as experts in the field of videography, offering a range of services that cater to various needs and clientele.

While the company has its headquarters in Hampshire, many of its customers are based in Surrey, which is why it’s made this list.

Devoted Films provides a range of video production services, including filming, editing, graphics, and a range of other pre and post-production tasks. They work on projects spanning from corporate videos to wedding videography. The multidisciplinary team has experience working with a wide range of corporations, including well-known names like Volkswagen and Rough Runner.

Ultimately, the company is dedicated to delivering compelling videography, and its portfolio includes a variety of projects that showcase its skills and creativity.

Case Study

Devoted Films Case Study Thumbnail


Collaborating with marketing agency Iris Worldwide, Devoted Films produced eight episodes spanning three series of client tips and tricks. All the filming took place at Holborn Studios in London — utilising a green screen. Upon completion of the filming and gaining content approval, they skillfully generated animated icons and graphics while incorporating a sound-bed to enhance the films’ overall impact. The episodes were strategically released on a weekly basis over the course of the six-month campaign.

Why Work with Them?

Devoted Films is an eclectic mix of technicians, creatives, videographers, storytellers and drone pilots. Their diverse skill set allows them to turn their hand to just about any type of promotional video The company also boasts a highly experienced motion graphics and animation department.


12. 20 Media

20 Media Video Production Thumbnail

20 Media is a reputable video production company based in Surrey, Kent and London. The firm offers a wide range of professional video production services designed to showcase brands and attract attention to products and services.

This respected video production company provides a diverse range of services, catering to various needs and industries. They are equipped to handle projects such as corporate videos, promotional videos, event filming, content creation, concert coverage, and medical presentations.

20 Media takes a client-centric approach, working closely with their clients to understand their goals and vision. With years of experience in the field, 20 Media has worked with a diverse range of clients across different sectors, showcasing their versatility and adaptability. And that’s why they’ve earned a stellar reputation for their wedding videography and talking heads videos.

Case Study

Wedding Highlights Case Study Thumbnail

Wedding Highlights

20 Media is an expert in creating Asian wedding videos. They successfully shot and edited a stunning wedding at a Marriott Hotel that looks like something straight out of a high-budget Bollywood movie. Using stop motion and hyper-lapse technologies, the 20 Media team were able to create a cinematic feast for the happy couple and their families.

Why Work with Them?

20 Media is a highly innovative company that is always at the forefront of newly emerging technologies and videography trends. If you’re looking for something a little different, they can probably help.

The in-house team possesses a wealth of experience in video production, ensuring that your project is in the hands of seasoned professionals. They excel in creating custom-tailored video content, including interviews, advertisements, and product tutorials.


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