Case Study

Digital Marketing Improvements for Daytona Motorsport


Daytona have been around for over 25 years. Their product (go-karting) is excellent. They regularly get 5-star reviews and they take pride in providing the best possible customer experiences.

However, they had just sold one of their busiest circuits to the industry’s biggest player (TeamSport) and were discontinuing two of their biggest revenue-generating events (due to very high costs).

When we looked at their marketing, it came across serious, out-dated and a little tired. A brand who used to be good but had become stale.

The website on the face of it, looked okay but when we ‘dug a little deeper’ the online booking process was confusing. This was confirmed when we looked closely into their analytics showing considerable drop-off during the user journey.

They had three marketing agencies on retainer who seemed to be doing very little and only suggesting ideas when they were asked, rather than proactively trying to improve performance.

There was little in the way of marketing plans. Ideas were sporadic and without clear strategy.

They needed a full-service digital marketing agency that could come in and overhaul their entire marketing output and performance. We improved everything from brand look and feel, pay-per-click performance, seo performance, content marketing and advertising. The results in a year were outstanding.

We increased online bookings by 37% in a year (£300k)

We improved the online booking process significantly

62% of traffic was on mobile so it was really important we quickly improved the mobile booking process.

We reconfigured the landing page, carried out A/B Split Testing before putting the ‘Book Online’ and ‘Call Us’ buttons in primary positions.

We also significantly simplified the booking process – removing any confusing and unnecessary language.

We created a menu at point of purchase to assist and educate customers on the different products available – meaning they could learn about the ‘Daytona Difference’ without leaving the shopping page.

We created a year-long marketing strategy

We created a ‘brand positioning’ for the business to elevate Daytona above the competition. And we created print and video advertising to bring it to life. We put more emphasis on their biggest asset – their go-karts. We created promotions in line with sales performance (and key events) to appeal to the different target audiences and increase sales.

We significantly improved their content marketing

We executed a year long content and marketing plan – engaging celebrities and influencers.

Content included the ‘DMAX Fast Lap Challenge’ – a celebrity time trial challenge (remarkably similar to a certain BBC car show which used to be hosted by Jeremy Clarkson).

We convinced lots of influencers and celebrities to take part, including the heavyweight Champion of the World (he also went ‘live’ to his 11 million followers).

We overhauled the brand look and feel

We made sure that every piece of communication felt more premium, more engaging and made customers want to take part in the experiences. Everything from photography, email marketing templates, social media, in-venue advertising (and alot more) was considered.

We implemented technical digital improvements

We removed the false ‘converions’ that one of the digital agencies had put in place to cover up the actual performance of their marketing. We implemented Google Tag Manager and proper conversion metrics. We developed a custom built script in order to scrape their online booking API and sync the results with Google Analytics. 

The synced results from the booking API that pushed through to Google Analytics enabled us to understand actual channel performance. We reconfigured digital channel spend based on actual conversions to optimise ROI.

We implemented more accurate real-time reporting to help forecasting and planning. We created and implemented a year-long marketing plan in line with sales performance. We created reports that could be shared between departments – ensuring comms were going out at optimal times to generate sales.

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The Results

We increased online bookings by 32% (£300k+)

We improved the organic website traffic by 80%

We created content that collectively has over 2 million organic video views

We created advertising for the company that helped to increase sales and revenue

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