Digital Media

Digital Media

We create the advertising and then we create sophisticated digital media timelines to carefully target consumers and deliver amazing results. We consider location, demographics, interests, behaviour, connections, online media consumption, user behaviour and purchase behaviour to get the best possible CTR and CPA rates for your campaign spend. We execute, measure, learn and improve.

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Facebook Ads Management

Digital Advertisers know the power of Facebook as a way to significantly increase brand, product/service awareness. Facebook (and Instagram) accounts for 80% of display advertising and consumers access the networks primarily on mobile. Therefore, it’s so important that the creative and ideas you create for your business stand out. We primarily use video advertising to communicate our messages and bring our ideas to life, however we can also use our in-house graphic design skills to create sophisticated social media campaigns that generate results.

Instagram Ads Management

Managing Instagram Ads is a lot like managing Facebook adverts, and often paid social media campaigns will use both channels simultaneously to reach larger audiences. All our Instagram and Facebook campaigns use Core, Custom and Lookalike Audiences we carefully create using data generated from a variety of sources including your CRM, Website and Facebook pixel.

YouTube and Video Advertising

Whereas Facebook Ads Manager allows you to build audiences instantly, Google requires some remarketing audiences to be built in Google’s audience manager tool before you can serve them ads. The approval process for ads takes slightly longer and there are more restrictions around the content. We consider all the restrictions, requirements and formats available – TrueView, Preroll and Bumper video ads – before selecting the best possible strategy for your digital media campaign. Our vast experience of running digital media campaigns also allows us to understand the relevant timeframes for setting up campaigns so we plan accordingly.

Paid Search

We’ve developed our very own Keyword IQ system which is the most comprehensive approach to managing pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We use multiple digital tools and resources (Google’s Keyword Planner is just the start) including our own software to develop extremely strategic internet marketing campaigns.


Organic Search

We carry out a full site audit which includes considering your existing domain and page authority, backlinks, snippets, meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords (we have developed our very own keyword IQ system), site speed, content, any technical considerations (including any coverage issues) as well as your competitors’ metrics to be able to create the most comprehensive and strategic SEO approach available. We create personalised search strategies unique to your business rather than blanket limited approaches offered by a lot of SEO companies.

Other Paid Social Media

Even though Facebook and Instagram account for the lion’s share of social media usage, there are still a great deal of other social media platforms that should be considered as part of your digital media strategy. Most people understand how Linkedin can be a great way to engage decision makers (especially with B2B social media campaigns) but what about other social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest or Quora. We create social media digital ecosystems as part of our strategies so we extend the reach, reduce ‘frequency exhaustion’ and reach as many of your target audiences as possible.

Display Network

Most digital media companies will only use Google and Facebook’s display networks for remarketing campaigns. We also target relevant websites with display advertising to reach specific audiences we know visit them. It’s strategic digital media strategies we implement in campaigns which generate us the best results and separate us from the competition.