Case Study

Search Engine Optimisation for Vital Parts

The Challenge

Vital Parts needed a digital marketing partner who could improve their rankings on Google alongside Pay-Per-Click Ads Management. They chose Holt Digital Marketing because of our combined experience of On-and-Off-Page SEO. The target was to generate 15,000 organic users per month within 3 years (from scratch).


Alongside their internal team who were responsible for adding products to the website, we set about improving their domain authority and backlinks. We did backlink research using SEM Rush and highlighted relevant websites that could provide relevant links to the key category pages we wanted to rank as high as possible.

 Backlink research and link building

Optimised existing website pages

 Optimised e-commerce product pages

We also played a strategic role in setting up their product pages, so they are as effective as possible from an On-Page SEO perspective. We provided description templates and guidance on how to write content so that it’s as effective as possible. We also provided guidance to their in-house developers on integrating certain API’s into the product pages to improve their Quality Score.

The Results

We increased their organic traffic to 15,000 users in the second year – one year ahead of target. The organic SEO work we carried out paid for itself within two years and the company is now in a dominant position within the component industry.

15,000 Organic Users per month within 2 years

£60,000 revenue p/month

15,000% uplift in organic traffic

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