Case Study

Vital Parts Google Shopping and Performance Max Campaigns

The Challenge

Vital Parts needed a strategic digital partner to manage their Google Shopping Ads and Performance Max Campaigns. They brought in Holt Digital Marketing to support them after we carried out an initial Search and PPC audit.


The performance of the client’s Shopping Campaigns and SEO performance had always been very successful until the past 12 months where they had seen a steep decline. We took the time to do a thorough analysis of everything – Google Merchant Centre, Campaign Ad Structure, Landing Pages including page content, Meta Data, Current Bid Strategies, Negative Keywords, Photography. We then implemented a 12-month plan which delivered incredible results.

 Improved the Google Merchant Centre by enriching the data

 Updated the product titles with key attributes that were in line with keyword research

 Improved the landing pages which ultimately improved the Ad Rank

 We implemented a content strategy specifically on the product pages to improve relevance and Ad Rank

 We improved the structure of the campaigns so we could have individual bid strategies for each product category

Once the initial work had been carried out and we had tested both the CTR and Conversion rates of the campaigns, we started to systematically increase budgets until the ROAS was at their optimum level.

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The Results

Within 6 months we saw a 650% uplift across the entire Ad account.

+£25,000 uplift in conversion value p/month within 1 year

+650% uplift on total Account conversion value

Large impact/uplift on organic search traffic


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