Case Study

Flexifly Branding and Brand Guidelines

The Challenge

Flexifly approached Holt Digital Marketing to help them increase leads for their private aircraft hire business. To increase the leads, we spoke to the owner about improving the look and feel of the website, and updating their branded assets, to make everything feel more premium. This would help us convert more users that landed on the website.

We increased leads for Flexifly by 300%

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The Flexifly logo looked unfinished, and it was devaluing the brand and decreasing the performance of the website. Our designers took the time to improve the logo with small adjustments. Keeping the elements of the logo that were well designed and improving the spacing, lettering and font sizes to make it more balanced and premium.

Brand Guidelines and Social Media Templates

No content was being posted to social media channels and part of our strategy to increase leads was an outreach programme to local businesses which would require branded collateral and presentations.

We needed to spend some time defining the brand guidelines so that there was consistency across all marketing channels and communications. We kept the primary Flexifly colours but made recommendations on fonts (for the website and print), imagery, layouts, brand improvements to improve the look and feel and social media templates to bring everything to life.

Improving the Website

Once we had agreed the brand look and feel improvements with the client, we set about updating the website to improve performance.

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